Tech Research & Development
Joined :  May 2011
Interests : 
 Electronics, the paranormal and breaking things


Rick has been hunting the paranormal since childhood, owing to a ghostly encounter when he was 7 years old. His birthday is also on none other than Halloween so he has always been drawn to the unknown and creepy situations. When other people ran he always ran towards trying to find out what was causing things to happen. He started using the simple tools of a compass, flashlight, tape recorder, and bag of flour. As the years got on he started using more sophisticated methods to track down and hunt the paranormal. He has worked in the security industry spending a lot of time with CCTV camera systems, and has been taking electronics apart since he could hold a screwdriver. His experience with electronics comes in handy when in the field and working on new equipment. He loves teaching people about how to use equipment and showing them how to utilize them in the field. 

Rick has been investigating for many years with other groups and was disappointed in the lack of structure and organization.  He left because of not wanting to be part of the drama that comes along with people that play "ghost hunters". He is excited to start his roll with his new family within MRIPA