Administrative Assistant & Researcher   
Joined :  May 2011
Interests : 
writing, reading, jewelry making, gaming, steampunk, the macabre, finally learning to cook, and, of course, the paranormal


I'm originally from Wabash, Indiana, graduated from Ball State with a degree in Creative Writing, and soon after, I moved to the Indianapolis area.  Throughout my life, the paranormal was always involved.  My mother had many encyclopedia-like collections on everything from hauntings to UFO's to ESP to Nessie, and I devoured as much information as I could find.  As far back as 3 years old, I remember strange things that I saw and experienced, some of which I did not yet have the information to understand.  In college, I found a group of like-minded friends, and we did our own "investigations", usually with not much more than a digital camera, around our haunted dorm and other parts of Muncie.  After college, I joined a small paranormal group which, sadly, did not last.  I was only able to be involved with 4 investigations, but I wanted more.  In some strange twist of fate, my fiancé drove past the MRIPA vehicle on the interstate, and decided to see what they were all about.  If you're reading this on their website, clearly things turned out well..