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Investigation Lead
Joined :  January 2010
Interests :  Paranormal Research and Education, Cake Decorating, Cooking, Traveling, Good Movies, Heavy Metal Music, Burying Dead People and Goofing Off
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I have been actively involved with researching and investigating the paranormal since late 1996. As a member of over 4 paranormal groups panned over 3 states I founded the Texas Paranormal Society in mid 2004 to help, inform and educate other individuals with questions or concerns in the paranormal. Promoting education by means of information through a highly trained staff was my main objective with my organization. I stand very highly for educating those interested in the paranormal and also the importance of networking....I preach it!  Since the beginning of TPS I am proud to have added 4 chapter locations in the state of Texas so that every mile of that state can be professionally and accurately investigated when needed. Aside from TPS I have been actively involved in the study and research of demonology.....enough said   

 I also co-host an internet radio show on Sunday's called Mapss Pararadio with my good friend SJ Christ of Maps Paranormal located in Grand Junction, CO. Please feel free to check out an episode or even listen in to one of our archived episodes...there is no disappointment I assure you and definitely never a dull moment!   I am a certified pastry chef, do cakes on the side of my main job which is for a burial vault company. For fun in my nonexistent spare time I'm a MMA  cage-fighter, I love to travel and I have a huge passion for all art! Want to personally thank Mr. Jason Baker for allowing me the prestigious opportunity to be a part of his amazing and very successful organization. Look forward to many years of future bliss!