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Investigation Management Council
Joined:  June 2009
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Everything known and Unknown



I founded Circle City Paranormal Exploration in November of 2006, with the intention of putting a team of friends together to explore the possibilities of the paranormal.  Having personal experiences living in a paranormally active home as a teen, Strange events continued to happen as I got older. I am what you can call a scientific believer. I know its kind of a  Oxymoron ….. I know that there is life beyond our existence. I know there are things that can not be explained. I also know I want to find them. Question them. Debunk them or Prove them. I have come to a crossroads in my paranormal career. I think that I’ve done pretty much all I can for CCPE and its time to take the next step in my search for the unexplained.

I also co own and operate the Para Quest Radio Network . Midwest Paratalk Productions and produce two shows at this, Midwest Paratalk Radio with hosts Gregg (me) and MRIPA’s Own Deb Kauble, Just Sayin Radio with Serenity Moore. We broadcast live throughout the week on the Para Quest Radio Network We are able to talk about the paranormal and get the information out to the masses and educate on the paranormal. That is what I really want to do. Educate on the paranormal. Let people know that “Hey there’s more to the paranormal then there is thought to be”     Changes are coming….just look to the skies!!!!!