Madison, IN - Springdale cemetery



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These pictures of the Springdale Cemetery in Madison. Visited on Easter morning. This is one of the oldest graveyards in Indiana, and by far very intimidating and ominous in appearance.  One legend is that at the graveyard at the bottom of Falling Rock Hill has a large grave marker with a large angel statue that cries blood on Easter morning.  We were there first thing Easter morning, and there was no tears of blood, residue, or moisture of any kind. Several very odd mausoleums and burial mounds reflect the grief and remembrance of times long gone.  One important note was heading up the hill, a mans voice could faintly be heard, and I personally felt a harsh cold blast push through me leaving a red mark on my arm.   *We will most definitely return to this location after getting more equipment.  [4/16/06]  

 EMF results:  N/A
 EVP results:  N/A
 Video Results:  N/A
 Overview:  just a nice cemetery,  myth   ( No Activity )

 Pictures taken by Jason & Tiffany (MRIPA) 

the angel statue believed to cry blood on Easter morning

unfortunately no evidence of any blood or residue was found Easter morning 06