Madison, IN - historic Madison town



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These are pictures of the Historic town of Madison,  the pictures have been resized to load easier.  The town is absolutely beautiful, every building is several hundred years old and full of history both good and bad.  There were many locations that were inaccessible due to the holidays.  The Ohio theatre, and the Mason headquarters are suspected to be haunted.  More research on history of some of these structures will be done when the local records office is accessible.   Many accidents and deaths have happened throughout the years and the entire town celebrates the survival and triumphs of the inhabitants that braved this area.   *We will most definitely return to this location when more time permits for detailed investigations.  [4/16/06]  

 EMF results:  N/A
 EVP results:  N/A
 Video Results:  N/A
 Overview:  No evidence at this time..

 Pictures taken by Jason & Tiffany (MRIPA) 

Ohio theatre, believed to be haunted. Unfortunately it was closed when we arrived