Loogootee, IN -  Old Home Outfitters Building



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   Many thanks go out to the Owners and Employees of the old Home Outfitters Building.

      The MRIPA group was contacted about this location due to many experiences by people throughout the years.   After gathering information from employees and a few other sources, we contacted the owner for permission to investigate.  The group took a quick walkthrough to isolate the rumored hot spots, and setup the equipment accordingly.   The night was spent taking EMF readings, digital pictures, IR temperatures, and Geiger sweeps while the IR and Night Vision cameras did their work.  Not only was physical proof captured, but the group shared unexplainable phenomena and each member had their own personal experiences.  The following EVP, photo and video captures have been graciously approved for posting by the clients.   A return visit has been approved,  and pending acquisition of more equipment and group members to complete a more detailed concentration sweep of the facility.   

     Enjoy!.   *Investigation [5/19/06]   *Reveal [6/9/06] 

 EMF results:  - dock area ( 3-6's )  - upstairs ( 1-3's )  - converted alley hallway ( 7-9's ) 
 EVP results:
elevator cable gears noise    (the cables are not attached)   sweeping noise   low bump during evp session
something moving the recorder   something moving the recorder    
 Video Results:

In the video, look in the center at the pole with the boxes to the bottom left.  This area you will see the shadow walk to the left, then back to the right towards Tiffany & Kelly.  You will also notice when Kelly turns her flashlight on to leave that there is nothing there.

There are more great clips to post as I convert them too!




 Overview:  after extensive investigation, and results found.  *HAUNTED*

 Pictures taken by Jason, Tiffany & Kelly (MRIPA) 


look at all that dust