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*Investigation [4/11/09]   *Reveal [4/27/09] 

 EMF results:  
 EVP results:   A voice overlaps ours about the crawlspace?
  Some kind of static response after questioned about the batteries.
  Daughter of the home-owner gets mocked after provoking.
  Some kind of static noise in an empty part of the home.
 Video Results:

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 Overview:  after extensive investigation, and results found.  There is *Minor Activity*

 Investigation by Jason, Rachel, Wes, Michelle, Serra & Patience  (MRIPA)  & Laura, Robin (Residents)

Claims on residence as reported by owner:  Owner stated that her 2 daughters (both in their 20s) and her son (in his 30s) both live at home with her as well as her 2 grandchildren (both under the age of 2 years old).  The owner claimed that the house was built in the early 1920s and that the bedroom closets were once used as smaller bedrooms back when the house was first built, and one of the grandchildren is currently using the bigger closet as his bedroom.  The owner also claimed that in one of the corners of the basement, where there is a little inlet in the wall, she saw strange markings around that area which she felt at one time certain ceremonies may have been held in the basement and that inlet was, at one time, used as an altar of some kind.  The owner mentioned that the only relief she gets is when she is outside and away from the house because the minute she steps inside her home a sense of anger, depression, and gloom envelops her.

  • Youngest daughter claimed that when she was home from college, she woke up to the hit the “snooze” button on her clock radio and she felt as if something clutched her hand and than heard a voice say, “Go back to bed b*tch.”
  • According to the owner and her 3 grown children the house has a negative energy to it where people within minutes feel nauseated, angry, or depressed and instantly feel better once they step outside the house.
  • The attitudes and behaviors of males, once inside the house, seem to negatively change where they become verbally mean and sometimes a little too aggressive and than are fine again once outside the house.
  • The owner stated that she has waken up many times to something whispering in her ear saying, “Hey, hey you!”
  • At times you can hear what sounds to be a wooden ball rolling back and forth inside the walls.
  • Items wind up missing and than turn up in bizarre places.
  • Owner stated that a picture of her daughter’s face, started to distort and look almost demonic, right in front of her.  Owner bound the photograph in a white envelope and hid it, refusing to ever look at the picture again.
  • The owner’s son said that while sitting in the living room a black figure came after him and than disappeared.
  • The owner stated that while she was in her bedroom (not sleeping she reiterated) a “mob scene” appeared right before her eyes as if she was watching a live play.  Owner was able to provide detailed descriptions of the people that she saw.
  • The door to the master bedroom would open by itself, even though it gets stuck on the brass plate below the door when manually opened.
  • All adult residents in the house have stated that they hear voices, sometimes normal talking voices, sometimes whispers, and sometimes laughing, but ALWAYS there is this hissing sound behind the voices.
  • Owner stated that a picture flew off the wall and landed in an unnatural position.
  • Owner stated that a spice container flew off a shelf, positioned over the stove, and landed on the opposite side of the kitchen.
  • The grandson if put in one particular room will cry hysterically and scream, but once taken out of the room will stop.
  • The owner stated that her cat will hiss and growl at something when nothing is even there, and chases after something when nothing to chase is present.

 Situation: Around 7:30 PM, members of the MRIPA team set up the base station in the kitchen.  Even though paranormal activity has been reported to occur there, it has the least amount of reported incidents compared to the rest of the house.  Rachel and Patience did an EMF sweep of the house to determine base EMF levels.  After the EMF sweep was over, it was noted that the two operating fish tanks in the living room gave off extremely high EMF readings.  Night vision cameras were set up around the house in several locations: the master bedroom, the living room, the basement, the stair case, and the son’s bedroom on the lower level.  Teams set out around the house while several team members monitored the group’s activity from the base station.  Throughout the night there were 4 group rotations.  Each team was equipped with a digital audio recorder, digital camera, EMF meter, and IR Thermometer.  Rachel used older day techniques such as the pendulum and dowsing rods to see if she was able to pick up anything using those devices to add to the data that was being collected throughout the night.  MRIPA team members made note that floor boards on the second level of the house were very uneven and created a “fun-house” effect which caused some people to feel off-balanced and uneasy if standing there for extended periods of time. 

 Investigation Highlights and Evidence: While in the basement, Jason, Michelle, and Serra were doing an EVP session and Michelle and Serra both reported seeing a black shadow moving in front of area that the owner claimed to be where the altar was located. An EVP was caught on the mini-DV in the basement which sounded as if it was a gruff voice saying either, “It’s in the crawl space,” or, “This is Grams place.” The words were not very clear due to the extremely low voice. Up in the master bedroom, Rachel, Patience, Wes, and Robin were doing an EVP session.  Rachel was using the Pendulum, Patience was using the dowsing rods, and Wes held the hand-held mini DV camera while Robin was asking questions.  At one time during that EVP session we did get the dowsing rods to start spinning and the pendulum to start spinning very fast.  When all of us thought possibly it could be Robin’s deceased mother, Rachel asked if you are really Robin’s mother would you like to give Robin a hug?  The Pendulum started to swing clock-wise (“YES”) and the dowsing rods swung to the right and pointed directly at Robin.  Similar reactions from the pendulum and dowsing rods were similar to what we experienced while doing an EVP session in the living room. The bedroom door to the master bedroom was caught on video swinging open with nobody present to push it open.  Towards the end of the night Patience and Rachel hung out in the oldest son’s bedroom on the lower level to see if anything would happen.  Nothing did.  Many digital pictures were also taken throughout the night.  Several light anomalies were caught with no explanations for them. 

Invalidated Data:  Many digital pictures were taken during the investigation, and even though light anomalies were captured that had no explanations, they still were not classified as anything paranormal.  Floor boards throughout the whole house were uneven which can cause people to feel off-balanced and strange.  The High EMF given off by the 2 fish tanks in the living room, if someone were to sit close enough for long periods of time, they can start to feel nauseous and even become paranoid as if someone was watching them. 

Results:  With 41 hours of video, 15.5 hours of digital audio and many digital pictures to review, we discovered two EVP’s that were caught in the basement.  Only a few pictures were caught with unusual light anomalies but concluded not to be paranormal in nature.  Therefore, the results of the investigation concluded that this residence is not haunted but has minor paranormal activity.