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  *Investigation [7/23/10]    *Reveal [11/05/10]

Another joint Investigation and SkyWatch with Indiana MUFON


This is truly one of Indiana's greatest less known treasures.   The Grissom Air Museum is such a great interactive and personal experience.  Not only can you see the displays and read the history, but that you are warmly greeted by a staff and volunteers that are personally invested in that history.    Many visitors come to the Grissom Air Museum, and might not even realize all the possibilities that could arise from such a well loved location.

Many thanks to the Staff and Volunteers and the Grissom Air Museum for a fantastic investigation!


With a sum total of over 200 photographs, 18 hours of audio recorded &  26 hours of video recorded during this phenomenal investigation.  We were unable to capture any forms of unexplainable phenomena.  However, this does not invalidate the claims of personal experiences by employees or patrons and does not rule out the possibility of paranormal phenomena. Further investigative research would be needed in the future to reach a definitive conclusion.  We will be back!

*It is safe to say that from the first investigation there is much more research and study needed.*

 EMF results:

 EVP results:  n/a
 Video results:



after extensive investigation,    *needs more investigation*

Investigation by Jason, Rachel, Matt, Deb, Michelle, Wes, Amber, Josh, Gregg & Jamie  (MRIPA)  

 Rebecca, Deb & Glen  (MUFON)  

With Guest investigators Andrew, Keylee & Korey

( keep watching for details, future investigations and more data to come on this great location!)


also, please visit this wonderful Indiana Historical location!

1000 W. Hoosier Blvd.
Peru, Indiana 46970