Park Chapel, Greenfield  IN. 



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   MRIPA received a call regarding the interest in investigating the Chapel in the park in Greenfield.  Many rumors were locally that this beautiful old structure could be haunted.  The team was assembled, and with the assistance of the Indiana Historical representative we began the investigation.  After many hours of collected video footage, audio, EMF and other evidence along with no personal experiences this location results were merely a charming nostalgic building.  This chapel is available to book special occaisions follow the links below for information.

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       *Investigation [6/30/06]  

 EMF results:  high emf spikes due to old wiring.
 EVP results:  n/a
 Video Results:  n/a
 Overview:  no recorded unexplainable activity.         (No Activity)

 Investigation by Jason, Tiffany, Darren, Kelly, Andrea & Sean (MRIPA)
 Photographs by Jason, Darren, Tiffany
, Andrea (MRIPA)

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