Ft. Wayne, Indiana -  Personal Residence & Property



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  *Investigation [7/18/09]    *Reveal [7/20/09]

 EMF results:

 some trace fluctuations and higher then normal background radiation.
 EVP results:  n/a
 Video results:  n/a

after extensive investigation, there was    * no activity * present

Investigation by Jason, Rachel  (MRIPA)  Deb (MRIPA/MUFON)   Glen (MUFON)  

History of the House/Property: House was reported to be built in the early 1930s. Current owner stated that there was one known death in the house, which was the former owner of the house.  An unfortunate incident occurred where the former owner, who was an elderly woman, fell down the stairs which resulted in her death.  No more information on the history of the house or property was given.

Claims: Owner of residence and property claimed that on June 28, 2009 around 4:30 A.M. she saw 20 to 30 basket ball size balls of white light in the woods surrounding her house when she took her dog outside.  The entire time the owner stated that she felt as if she was being watched.  The owner also stated that the balls of light started coming towards her and her dog.  Owner claimed that as the balls of light came towards her the temperature of the air got cooler, as if it was going to start raining.  As the owner called her dog to go back inside one of the balls of light went through her front door and left a liquid type residue on the glass.  The owner described the movement of the balls of light as a “front to back” movement, almost as if they were pulsating.  More towards the main road the owner witnessed a larger red ball of light.  At this time the owner saw and heard a car on the road come to a screeching halt, as if they too, saw the ball of light.  Soon after they stopped they sped off.  The owner stated that she got in her car and drove down the driveway to get a closer look.  The owner stated that she saw what looked like a huge white “tare” in the sky.  The owner drove back up to her house and went inside.  By this time the owner stated that it was around 5:30 A.M. and she was so exhausted she just decided to go to sleep on the couch in the downstairs living room.  The very next day owner stated that she took out her contacts to watch the lightning bugs to see if they looked like the balls of light from the previous night.  Owner stated that they looked nothing like what she had seen.  The owner stated that she felt as if the balls of light were “coming for her.”  The owner stated that she saw the balls of light again the next night after the first incident.  The owner stated that she has seen unmarked black helicopters flying over her house and property 2 days in a row after the incident and about 3 more times thereafter.  The owner’s bulldog will not go away from the house anymore but stays close.  The owner’s father and oldest son, claimed to have seen the white balls of light and red ball of light several years ago.  The son reported having to dodge the balls of light as if the balls of light were being aggressive with them.

 Situation:  Jason, Rachel, and Deb of MRIPA and Glen of MUFON joined us in the investigation. The base station was set up in the front yard of the house.  Five IR-Night Vision cameras were placed facing outwards towards the woods and towards the area where the owner witnessed the larger red ball of light.  Rachel, Jason, and Deb walked around the property and into the woods to get a baseline EMF reading and used dowsing rods to pick up any lay lines that may be present on the property.  Throughout the evening Glen and Jason did perimeter sweeps taking pictures and checking to see if there were any fluctuations in the EMF readings that we obtained during the initial perimeter sweep.  Deb and Rachel monitored the base station and viewed the cameras for any suspicious activity.

 Investigation Highlights and Evidence: The night was quiet with no strange sounds, feelings, smells, or personal experiences.  No EVPs nor strange light anomalies were caught.

Invalidated Data: We were able to disprove the theories that the reported light phenomena were caused by passing vehicles, city lights, lights from nearby residences or businesses.  None of these caused a pulsating appearance that were described by the owner and her son.

 Conclusion:  It is safe to say that no paranormal activity occurred during our time investigating, however this does not invalidate what the owner, the owner’s son, and the owner’s father reported seeing.  The fact that the owner finally reported the incidences to MUFON, and MUFON reported it to the STAR Team, places the case on higher alert for potential paranormal or extraterrestrial phenomena.  MRIPA was extremely honored to be contacted by MUFON to help out with the investigation.  However, MRIPA determined that given the quiet night and lack of results, this location requires further investigation