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*Investigation [8/22/08]   *Reveal [8/29/08] 

Residence owners and their children reported incidents of unexplainable footsteps in the hallway, voices calling out their names, feeling cold breath on the back of the wife’s neck while standing in the kitchen, strange unexplainable smells, the feeling of being watched, unexplainable cold spots, the children claim to see strange shadows that appear and than instantly would disappear, and the owners’ cats would not enter into the teenager daughter’s bedroom unless one of the owners was already in the room.

Situation: The home was built about 12 years ago in a neighborhood of Fishers, Indiana.  The home owners’ children started experiencing and seeing strange anomalies several years ago.  Within the past year the mother started experiencing strange events too.  The House was built across the street from an older cemetery which was brought up as a possible concern.  The residence owners and their children claim to see several different paranormal entities.  A young girl about seven or eight years old, an Indian Chief standing in the corner of their family room, a tall man in a white suit (aka Colonel Sanders), and another tall man described as wearing a tan shirt and jeans.  Members of the MRIPA team set up the base station in the garage of the residents’ home.  High Resolution Night Vision cameras were set up in the living room, the master bedroom facing down the upstairs hallway, the teenager daughter’s bedroom, and the front entry way.  Digital audio recorders were used; one placed in the corner of the living room, one in the study, one in the daughter’s bedroom, and the 4th digital audio player was mobile with a team member during multiple EVP sessions.  EMF meters were used to measure any fluctuation in electromagnetic energy; IR/NV – DVR Cameras were used to collect data by recording multiple lines of video images and send the images to one source; IR/NV-hand held video cameras, and digital cameras were also used during the investigation to document.

Investigation Highlights and Evidence: Living Room: An EVP recording of a little girl (approx 8 yrs) was caught clearly saying “Hi Ginger,” to the dog that was all alone in the kitchen.  The dog’s name actually was Ginger, so it was determined that this entity was an intellectual entity.  Downstairs Entry Way – A number of unexplainable light anomalies was caught on the IR/NV cameras. 

 Invalidated Data: Chairs in kitchen were caught moving on video camera than was replayed and found that residents’ cats were jumping on and off the chairs and kitchen table.  Many photos that were taken had to be dismissed due to dust that was stirred by people’s movements upstairs during the investigation.  A number of passing cars caused reflections within the house that created shadows and light distortions on the walls and film.  Also, neighbors street lamps that were being turned on and off, reproduced some of the strange shadows that were described by the owners’ teenage daughter. Many of the described phenomena by the residents were easily reproduced by these listed factors.

 EMF results:  Electrical systems are well insolated,  no obscure EMF results found
 EVP results:    Little Girl's voice saying "Hi Ginger" to the owner's dog after it enters the room.
 Video Results:

This video contains the actual DVR footage recorded during the times that the EVP was captured
 Overview:  after extensive investigation, and results found.  There is substantiated paranormal *Activity*

 Investigation by Jason, Rachel, Darren, Deb (MRIPA)  & Bill, Doris (Guest Investigators)