Brazil, IN - Abandoned church

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These pictures were taken outside of Brazil, they have been resized to load easier.  We were on a very old road while looking for hell's gate.   When we came upon this prize location, the entire group was taken back with the desire to investigate, and record as much data as possible.  This is a very creepy area, and can invoke anxiety in people.  Several strange anomalies were picked up on camera, a few spikes on the EMF meter, as well as uneasy feelings.  This page includes both original and filtered digital photos.  Many unexplainable shadows were seen, as well as complete absences of light.   *We will most definitely return to this location after getting permissions to enter. [4/8/06]

 EMF results:


 EVP results:


 Video Results:



 more investigation needed  

 by Ann, Jason, Kelly & Tiffany (MRIPA) 

looking ominously, this church sits as if in a quiet sleep

the church has no glass in the windows, and only 1 light around for a mile.

strange mist