Brazil, IN - 100 step cemetery

  These pictures of the 100 Step Cemetery in Brazil, they have been resized to load easier.   This is a very secluded old burial ground, not the easiest to get to, but worth the look.  This are has almost no light at all nearby,  so make sure you have plenty with you.   EMF spiked several times in the vicinity of the glowing spots (which were not visible to the eye).  The surrounding area is very uneven , and the ground is shifting and sinking in spots.  Tiffany seemed drawn to several key locations for which activity seemed to be evident later.    *We will most definitely return to this location after getting more equipment. [4/8/06]  

 EMF results:  N/A
 EVP results:  N/A
 Video Results:  N/A
 Overview:  nothing tangible captured or experienced  *No Activity*

  by Jason, Ann, Kelly & Tiffany (MRIPA) 

Welcome to the steps

large dead area in the grass

more old graves