South Eastern Rural Area. IN



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 After investigating a local residence, we decided to check out some other leads of activity in the area of this remote back country.  Although we were unable to collect any physical video evidence to substantiate the claims.  We did however collect some odd photo anomalies and one odd audio capture that starts out sounding like a lot of people screaming, then ends up sounding like dogs (a lot of dogs). We never did find out exactly what caused that strange wailing spree, but it was very unnerving.  The owner of the residence requested anonymity and that we do not post their home, which we deeply respect.

        *Investigation [5/28/06]  

 EMF results:  radical spikes from 3-9
 EVP results:   dozens of dogs screaming in the distance
 Video Results:  n/a
 Overview:  field area strange unexplainable activity.         (residence No Activity)

 Pictures taken by Jason, Tiffany & Kelly (MRIPA)