Beech Grove, Indiana – Personal Residence



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  *Investigation Date [8/08/2009]      * Reveal Date [11/13/2009]

 EMF results:

throughout the house due to forced air blowing & filtering units

 EVP results: 54 hours of audio were recorded; 48 presentable EVPs    (Evidence below)
 Video results:

49 hours of video were recorded   (Evidence below)

 Pic  results: over 500 still photographs were taken     (highlights below)

The evidence found at this residence does substantiate the claims of  paranormal  * activity *

Investigation by Jason, Rachel, Deb, Michelle & Wes  (MRIPA)  & also Carmen, Jason, Lisa, Lois (Family) & Karen (friend of family)

History of the House:  The house was built in the 1950s by the uncle and aunt of Carmen and Lisa.  Their uncle (Uncle Charlie) and aunt (Aunt Wibett) lived in that house for over 50 years.  Uncle Charlie’s common saying was “bullshit,” and in Aunt Wibett’s older years she began cursing more frequently. At some point Lisa and Carmen’s great grandmother (Elizabeth) moved in with Uncle Charlie and Aunt Wibett.  Elizabeth over time was given the nickname of Grandma “Tippy Toes.”

 The house consisted of the main living room, dining room, kitchen, narrow hallway, 1 bathroom on the left side of the hallway, 2 bedrooms on the right side of the hallway, a 3rd bedroom at the end of the hallway, and a full basement.  After sometime living there Elizabeth passed away in the first bedroom.  Uncle Charlie and Aunt Wibett both made the comment that they would never leave their house.  Not too long, after that statement was made, Uncle Charlie passed away in the first bedroom.  Seven months following Uncle Charlie’s death, Aunt Wibett passed away, also in the first bedroom.  Carmen and Jason and their child moved into Uncle Charlie and Aunt Wibett’s house some time later.

Claims:   Owners saw an older female figure walk through the kitchen, out the back door, and than disappeared.  Owners found their house keys to be completely bent, in an almost 90 degree angle with no explanation for it.  Owners stated that their child has a mechanical toy dog, which started moving on its own, but than stopped moving when owners approached it.  Owners claim that their child (whose bedroom is the first bedroom) was found to be having a conversation with someone who is not there, but than will later ask them, “Who is that lady who talks to me?”  Owners stated that for days a balloon had not moved from the corner of the living room and than some how made it’s way down the hall to the bedroom and got stuck in the ceiling fan.  Carmen stated that she discovered her scrap booking items scattered allover the place for no known reason and she feels that it was not their dog that caused the mess.  Jason stated that he found the quiver for his bow and arrow in the sump pump in the basement, where he found that to be very odd since he keeps his bow and arrows put away unless he is using them.  Owners claim to hear muffled voices and footsteps when no one is there.  In the basement, near Uncle Charlie’s old workbench, Jason claimed that he found the stack of bricks that he put down there near the workbench to be scattered across the basement floor.  Owners claimed that one morning all three fire alarms in the house went off at the same time - approximately around 3:00 a.m. – but there was no fire or smoke present.  Owners stated that they do not feel threatened but do find themselves not getting a good night’s sleep in the anticipation that something will happen.

Situation: MRIPA team members requested that the home owners and family to join into the investigation. No children or pets were present on this night.  The base station was set up in the living room.  IR-night vision cameras were set up in the first bedroom and the third bedroom, facing down the length of the hallway, and 2 IR – cameras were placed in the basement to cover the entire area.  Digital audio recorders were placed in the basement, all three bedrooms, and the kitchen.  Team rotation schedules were created to give everyone the opportunity to investigate with each person at least once involved that night, to investigate each room of the house, and a chance to use the different types of equipment involved.  This night’s investigation shortly after 3:00 AM.

Investigation Highlights and Evidence:  Throughout the night 48 presentable EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) were captured. (5 – living room; 27 – first bedroom; 4 – third bedroom; 4 – kitchen; 8 – basement).

Most EVPs that were captured were direct responses to the family members, not to the investigators.   A few unexplainable light anomalies were also captured with the infrared night-vision equipment.

Invalidated Data:  The surrounding area, is covered with low hanging power lines, thus creating an electro-magnetic field within close vicinity of the home. The forced air unit and air filtering unit do also put off a large amount of EMF throughout the house.

Conclusion:  The evidence found at this residence does substantiate the claims of paranormal activity.

EVP Results - (please allow time for media to load)
There were an unprecedented 48 EVP's captured at this location. Below are the top 12.
That's Bullshit!!  *my favorite*     Voice says Dr. Hubert   Heavy sigh
A voice says "I am Still Here"   a strange heavy breathy noooo.   An old man's voice loudly goes over our talking.
A man's voice answers  "Right here in this chair"   A woman's voice softly sings  "Well that's... ok"   A man's voice softly answers  "Hello?"
A woman's voice says  "you love me ok"   Faint voices and sounds of benches moving in an empty basement.   A strange young female voice seems to mock in a happy tone.

Video results - (please allow time for media to load)

A man's voice softly answers  "Hello?" A man's voice answers quietly  " It's me " A strange light anomaly goes from bottom right to ceiling, while separating into 2.  This does not resemble any dust or bugs.
Investigation pic highlights