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These are pictures of the house my brother and I briefly lived in. It has been almost 30 years since we have been in this house. The interior walls of the house are still painted the same colors that they used to be. This house has occurred in many of our dreams, and we were very surprised when we were invited in.  Both of us felt a strong pull upon entering the house as if it was saying (I remember you).  While wandering around we both experienced not only flashbacks of the past, but also the feeling that we were not alone and being observed.  [8/25/05]  

 EMF results:  N/A
 EVP results:  N/A
 Video Results:  N/A
 Overview:  definite residual feelings and paranormal activity  *Activity*

 Pictures taken by Jason, Darren (MRIPA) 

resting deeply


want to enter?

memories return

has not changed

familiar stairs

stairs still make me feel creepy

still same color after 30 years

awkward feeling

unknown substance shows up with IR spectrum

strange reflection

is there a hidden room?


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