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History Channel's   UFO Hunters

" Dark Presence "

Investigation & Episode Filming [4/29/09]   *Air Date [10/29/09] 11pm EST 

 Investigation by:
Jason, Rachel,
 (MRIPA Myrna (WOW
Glen (MUFON)  & Pat Uskert, Kevin Cook & Bill Birnes (UFO Hunters)

Rachel & Jason of MRIPA, are called in to assist MUFON and the UFO Hunters with investigating the mass sightings of OBOL's in the Mid-Western States.  Using their high tech equipment and research experience with paranormal phenomena, MRIPA attempts to offer new thoughts and observations toward this topic in the quest of finding answers.  OBOL's (Orange Balls of Light) have been sighted thousands of times over the last few years and in some occurrences have given individuals the feeling of fear or possible threat.  One of the observations discussed were that this phenomena could possibly be a new form of communication, not yet charted by the two fields of research.  Possibilities of connections with Native American burial grounds and sightings during and after earthquakes also raise more questions about these strange manifestations.  Or whether these could be non-paranormal related natural occurrences that we have not yet grasped understanding.

The UFO Hunters crew also investigates the similar claims of phenomena in Illinois and Arizona.

Left to Right:   Kevin Cook, Pat Uskert, Rachel Weinrich & Bill Birnes


Left to Right:    Jason Baker, Kevin Cook, Pat Uskert, Rachel Weinrich & Bill Birnes