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Joint investigation  & MRIPA   *Investigation [3/1/08]   *Reveal [3/2/08] 

  Residence owners reported incidents of unexplainable footsteps in the hallway, a voice whispering in their ears as they were sleeping, the sensation of a something sitting down on the couch next to them (but nothing was to be seen), the television set and stereo turning on and off by themselves, the feeling of being watched, unexplainable cold spots, and an unseen presence that would entertain the owners’ two cats for hours.

 Situation: The unexplainable phenomena began after one of the owner’s parents gave a baseball cap to them that belonged to their brother who had passed away a while back.  Soon after bringing the cap home, strange things began happening.  Members of the MRIPA and O.P.I. teams set up the base station in the basement of the residents’ home.  Night vision cameras were set up in the kitchen, living room, hallway, and master bedroom.  A “specter booby-trap” was set up by placing the deceased’s baseball cap and a card of one of their favorite players horizontally on the kitchen table.  Two digital audio players were used; one placed underneath the baseball cap on the kitchen table and the other on the side of the bed in the master bedroom where the owners would be awakened by a voice saying their name.  EMF meters were used to measure any fluctuation in electromagnetic energy; IR/NV – DVR Cameras were used to collect data by recording multiple lines of video images and send the images to one source; NV-hand held video cameras, and digital cameras were also used during the investigation.

 Investigation Highlights and Evidence: Hallway: Lower temperature by picture where owner kissed the picture of their brother everyday – there was a 5-10° difference compared to the other pictures hanging near by.  Master Bedroom: Bed side near closet was 65° compared to the other side of the bed which was 70°.  K-II EMF meter lit up all the way; entire room temperature dropped; cold spots were felt; power drained from video camera, cell phones, IR thermometer, and even digital recorder for no reason – all batteries were fully charged at the beginning of the investigation.  Raspy sighing was caught on the EVP digital recorder twice while recording in the bedroom.  Kitchen – an orb was caught on camera flying out from behind Brian of O.P.I. soon after the baseball cap and card were situated on the kitchen table.  This occurred within 10 minutes of the start of the investigation.  During the review of the video footage the following day it was validated that the baseball card was literally lifted and moved from a horizontal to a vertical position on the table – you can see this by focusing on the light change coming from the glare of the card’s plastic case.  During this time there is a noticeable disturbance or ripple in the air next to the table as the card is being moved.  Foot steps are clearly heard from the basement, walking up and down the hallway upstairs, while Jason, Rachel, and Brian are reviewing the footage from the investigation the night before.  No one else was home and the dogs were not barking as they normally would do when someone is home and walking about upstairs. 

 Invalidated Data: Sound of swishing was caught on the EVP digital recorder that was located in the master bedroom.  The sound could be reproduced by running the digital recorder across the comforter on the bed and one of the owner’s cats was caught on tape jumping on the bed causing the recorder to slide.  Due to this occurrence this evidence was thrown out.

 EMF results:  K-II spikes in hallway next to pictures of the deceased (no electrical sources)

Massive EMF fields detected in bedroom during attempts to irritate.  No other detections prior

 EVP results:  
 Video Results:  See below.
The first video clip is not even ten minutes after lights out. I have a hat that was loved by the deceased. As I look up there is a piece of kinetic energy or orb that comes from behind me and goes straight up in the air. Also all heating and air was turned off 8 hours prior. Dust can only move with gravity, this orb went against gravity.  

Brian - Optic Paranormal


The next video clip has the deceased hat on the table along with a sports card of the his favorite player. As you can see in the start of the clip the card is running straight up and down. The card is sitting to the left side of the white hat. You will begin to notice a black mist on the left side of the table and you can see the card be picked up and turned diagonal. This has taken place after the sister of the deceased is talking to him and wants a sign of his presence.

Brian - Optic Paranormal


 Overview:  after extensive investigation, and results found.  There is proven  *Activiy*

 Investigation by Jason, Rachel (MRIPA)  & Brian, Michelle, Becki (Optic Paranormal)