Hannah House, Indiana -  Historical Location


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 *Investigation [5/02/09]    *Reveal [5/26/09]

 EMF results:    n/a
 EVP results:
 Video Results:    n/a  
 Overview:  after extensive investigation, and quiet night.   * Needs More Investigation *

 Investigation by Jason, Rachel,   (MRIPA)  Ali (Hannah) & Ben, Rob, Chris, Just Dave &  (EERIE Radio)

History of the Hannah House:  The Hannah House was built by Alexander Hannah in 1858.  Alexander Hannah was a well-respected figure in the Indianapolis community during that time.  He was a farmer, gold rush prospector, sheriff, postmaster, circuit court clerk, and civic leader.  What many did not know is that Alexander Hannah also used the basement of the house as a safe haven for slaves escaping into Canada on the Underground Railroad. 

 Alexander Hannah married Elizabeth 14 years after the Hannah House was built, and shortly after his marriage to Elizabeth added new additions to the house such as a summer kitchen, milk house, smoke house, and servant’s quarters.  All as a present to his new bride.

 Alexander Hannah died on April 15, 1895, without an heir.  The house was eventually sold to a German immigrant named Roman Oehler in 1899, and remains in the ownership of descendants to this very day.  It was listed in 1978 as a recognized historical landmark by the U.S. Department of the Interior.  Today, the house has been restored and renovated, and can now be booked for
special events such as weddings, receptions, corporate dinners, birthdays, anniversary parties, and class reunions. . (www.thehannahmansion.org)

Claims on the Hannah House:  On one tragic night, a group of slaves, cramped into a dark dirt-floored cellar, sit waiting for the right time to leave their hiding spot in the Hannah House, and head for the freedom of Canada.  One of them unknowingly tips over an oil lamp, instantly igniting a fire that traps them there; many to be killed by smoke inhalation and burns within only a few minutes. The dead are buried in the very cellar that claimed their lives, in an attempt to cover up any trace of this incident as quickly as possible. This story is not only true, it happened in this very house.  And
ever since then, the cellar of the Hannah House has been a known area for paranormal activity. Spectral slaves have been witnessed by several people, hiding in the shadows, moans and voices have been heard, and cold spots have been felt.  It seems that some of the slaves killed on that night may have stayed around, still hiding in the safety of the basement that protected them in life.  Also, the apparition of what many think is Hannah himself has been seen on several areas of the property, including the upstairs, as well as the balcony.  An older woman has also been reported upstairs, in and around a particular room.  Whispering voices have been thought to be heard, and a chandelier was filmed swinging by a news film team on one particular occasion. (www.thehannahmansion.org)

 Situation:  Jason and Rachel of MRIPA and Ben, Chris, Rob, and “Just” Dave of Eerie Radio, and Ali, a director of the Hannah House joined us in the investigation. The base station was set up in the main gathering room on the lower level of the Hannah House. Four night vision cameras were set up around the house: one in the basement where most claims of paranormal activity take place, one in the master bedroom, and two in the attic. No perimeter sweep was done this time before the investigation. Two teams set out during each rotation. Each team had flashlights, a digital recorder, digital camera, EMF meters, and IR Thermometer. One team used a pendulum and dowsing rods along with EMF meters to validate possible interactions. Both teams also had night vision hand-held video recorders.

 Investigation Highlights and Evidence: The night was quiet with no strange sounds, feelings, smells, or personal experiences.  No EVPs were caught.

 Invalidated Data: Claims of shadows in attic going left to right by the staircase are possibly reflections of vehicle headlights turning from side streets across the road.  Event repeated multiple times with similar results.

 Conclusion:  It is safe to say that no paranormal activity occurred during our time investigating, however this does not invalidate that paranormal activity occurs at the Hannah House.  With multiple paranormal activity claims over the years and the extreme history of the Hannah House it is likely that paranormal activity occurs.  Given the quiet night and lack of results, this location requires further investigation.
Needs More Investigation