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Atlanta, Indiana – Roads Hotel


  *Investigation [6/20/11]    *Data Release [9/18/11]

Case# 11-008     *No Activity*

Investigation Statistics Overview:

 EMF results:

 Higher than normal background electro-magnetic fields due to older and uncovered wiring throughout the facility

 EVP results:  No audible evidence of unexplainable phenomena.
 Audio results:   89 hours of recorded audio, with no evidence of unexplainable phenomena.
 Video results:

 104 hours of recorded video footage, with no evidence of unexplainable phenomena.

 Photo results:

 200 digital pictures gathered, with no evidence of unexplainable phenomena.

 Personal Exp:  No substantiated evidence of unexplainable phenomena.
 Overview:  after extensive investigation,    *No Activity*  had been captured during this investigation.
Geomagnetic Field:

Solar X-rays:

 data gathered from (details below)
GPS Location: +40° 13' 0.70", -86° 1' 31.81"
 Local Weather:  90 degrees,  Scattered Rain,  Mostly Cloudy

MRIPA Investigators: Jason, Rachel, Michelle, Wes, Deb, Gregg, Korey, Matt, Jamie, Ericka, Rick, Megan & Chris

 Guest Investigators: Anthony & Andrew

History of Location:   The Roads Hotel was built in 1893.  It is currently registered with the Hamilton County as a nationally known historic location.  The building has gone through many changes since it was built, including seven different property owners, as well as the types of businesses run there.  The Roads Hotel has been a speakeasy, a brothel, and a bordello to name a few.  Today it is used not only as a personal home but also as a means to bring in revenue through interested paranormal groups who would like to investigate the building and property.

 Several MRIPA members interviewed a few town residents to obtain more information about the hotel.  It was mentioned that there were not any town rumors about the Roads Hotel being haunted.  As far as the residents knew, no one had died in the hotel.  One of the residents reported that when he was a little boy he remembered the property being used as a boarding house.  The hotel fell on hard times during the depression and shut down a couple of years before World War I.  After the War the building was passed around and used as a home, but fell into disrepair.  Other town folk spoke of the property as being originally built for salesmen to sell their wares to the town and than would board upstairs.  The town people reported that any stories of hangings were from the Walton House that was located one block up the street from the hotel.

Current owners of property would like to restore the building to resemble how it looked in the 1920s.

Claims:   Reports of footsteps being heard walking around on second level and up and down the stair case but no one was there.  Toy ball rolled down the stairs randomly.  Phantom whispers, voices, and giggles.  Many reports from a variety of investigators that visited the property that someone hung themselves in the attic.  Strange feelings, such as vertigo for no apparent reason.

Set-Up:   Investigators set up base station in dining room area on main level of the building. A wide grid of digital audio recorders and high resolution Infrared cameras were placed in suspect high traffic areas. Various EMF traps and custom equipment were also placed in high traffic areas for monitoring. Real-time data review of questionable situations identified resolutions.

Investigation Highlights:   EMF meter read higher levels of EMF in girl’s upstairs bedroom.  However readings stayed consistent without fluctuation, therefore traceable to floor wiring.  Large amounts of noise pollution entered controlled sections of the house from outside locations.  Structure conditions cause noticeable creaks and cross wind contamination of interior areas during investigation.

Conclusion:   With no palpable, audible, or visual proof, this does not prove that unexplainable activities do not occur on the property, however, it also does not provide substantial evidence to validify that paranormal activity exists at this location.  More evidence collection and investigation is needed to reach a formal conclusion.



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Geomagnetic Field: 

Solar X-rays:

data below gathered from