Skywatch Report Data Form

Skywatch Alert are Issued by MUFON 

 Posted skywatches are a joint effort between MUFON Indiana and MRIPA's Ufology Section.

These joint investigations are to create a wider range of collected data, as well as triangulating location of events or lack there of.   This Real-Time web post Report was created for the traffic of recent sightings and send the collected data to all parties involved for analysis.

It is equally important to no-sighting responses as it is for actual sightings.  These "nothing happened" responses give us viable data of comparison for potential sightings.

(Example)  If one field investigator looks SouthWest from Fishers to Indianapolis and sees nothing. While a second field investigator in Franklin is looking West towards Indianapolis and has a sighting.  A third investigator in downtown Indianapolis has a potential sighting directly to the East.

(Result)  There could have been actual phenomena witnessed in the Eastern skies.  We would then work with other physical data collected to verify times, line of sight, visualization description and content.  This information would be used in tandem with other collected reports to triangulate a tighter area net for finding the location of the sighting.


  Normally the skywatch times are from dusk to just after midnight.  So roughly 9pm-ish until just after 1am.  During the dusk time, when the sunlight fades off, anything in the atmosphere can be more visible due to the light refraction from the setting sun.

  For those that are interested in participating.  Below is a brief list of information that we would like to have, so that you can just pop in the details. Timeliness is key, so please submit this information as quickly as possible.  If you are participating and see something happening real-time Please contact us directly via Report Phenomena form or 24-hour Helpline (317) 366-5983. 

  After finishing this record below, please click submit so that we can put it in the archives and get the data together for our records and final submission.  If pictures were collected, please email them to us at

The use of this report is to forward information directly to our Ufology Section Lead of the Anomaly Response Team to begin correlating sighting data.  All details and contact information remain confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of MRIPA operations without consent. If you have any questions, please contact us at

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Altitude : (if applicable)

GPS Coordinates : (N38* x W86* )

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Did you personally witness any  Phenomena?

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  Physical UFO Craft  
  Strange Lights in the sky
  Unusual Phenomena

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Please describe your experience(s) and/or sighting(s) in as much detail as possible.  If there are any pictures, recordings or other data. Please email :

This report is also created to help those who have questions or are in need of assistance.  Please refrain from being disrespectful with spam and/or inappropriate uses, as this report generation does record web IP address tracking data for security measures.  Any abuse will be reported to the Web Provider.