Real-Time Phenomena Report

This Real-Time web post Report was created for the large traffic of recent sightings and experiences of strange and Anomalous Phenomena.  The MRIPA team researches all unexplained phenomena in the paranormal field.  The term "Paranormal" means,  "above the normal" and consists of many types of strange areas, from UFO(s), Ghost(s), Cryptozoology, Haunting(s), Myths, Bigfoot, Legends, Metaphysical, Lost Civilizations and much much more.

The use of this report is to forward information directly to the Anomaly Response Team (ART) to begin research on recent strange phenomena.  All details and contact information remain confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of MRIPA without consent.

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This report is also created to help those who have questions or are in need of assistance.  Please refrain from being disrespectful with spam and/or inappropriate uses, as this report generation does record web IP address tracking data for security measures.  Any abuse will be reported to the Web Provider.

All location specifics and/or contact information must be submitted with this release form. MRIPA cannot and will not enter any private area(s) without proper authorization by the property owner/manager or person(s) responsible. MRIPA associates conduct themselves with the highest professionalism and consideration to ensure that accurate scientific protocols are followed for investigation and data collection. MRIPA does understand that some area(s) and/or structure(s) can be potentially dangerous and will be navigated with the utmost care for personal and property safety.