Our Services

Celestial Dawning is a community focused center that promotes healing within through a variety of tools that we offer our clients to utilize and help them be successful in their life journey have it be a physical, spiritual, emotional, or mental one.

Aura Photography

    • Includes Photo and Interpretation

Intuitive Readings

    • Tarot and Oracle Card
    • Mediumship
    • Flame Messages
    • Channeled Poetry
    • Animal Communication

Energy Healing & Chakra balancing

    • Reiki
    • Animal Reiki
    • Shamanoic Healing
    • Angelic Healing
    • Sound Therapy via Tuning Fork
    • Oneness Blessing

Complimentary & Alternative Medicine

    • Aromatherapy
    • Holistic Herbs
    • Dynamic Phytotherapy – Low potent and paletable remedies to support the body into a natural restoration of health

Classes – Check out our Facebook page for the schedule of classes and workshops 

    • Meditation Group
    • Energy Circle
    • Mythic Mondays
    • Psychic Development