Aura Photography & Services

Services Provided by:

   Rachel is an intuitive-empathic reader, who reads, interprets the thoughts, emotions, and images that come to her mind as she is connecting with the individuals for whom she is “reading” for.  Rachel also specializes in aura photography and interpreting the colors and patterns that appear in others’ aura pictures. Rachel practices chakra balancing/healing, aromatherapy to promote health, energy work such as Reiki, and other types of holistic services.  She also makes her own aromatherapy spritzers, lotions, anointing oils and essential oil blends especially for the use in chakra balancing, promoting a relaxing & healing environment.  In addition to holistic healing approaches, Rachel is a certified health coach specializing in the areas of basic and holistic nutrition, exercise & weight management.   *Services provided by Rachel (when available) are scheduled through Celestial Dawning.

Guest Reader & Services Provided by:

   Dylan is clairvoyant and clairaudient, as well as a Reiki master/teacher. He has been sensitive to Spirit since he was a young boy. Raised in a Christian home his beliefs where founded in Love and Goodness, thus allowing his spirituality to broaden his sense of the Divine whether referred to as God, Allah, Buddha etc. The purpose is to give messages to bring understanding and healing. Dylan will be glad to serve you and help you connect to your truth.

      Chase is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher (in both Usui & Kundalini) and also a Deeksha Oneness Giver. He has training in Animal Reiki and a forming foundation in shamanic energy work.  As a highly sensitive person and intuitive clairvoyant, Chase is lead by Spirit to help you in your healing journey to shine your light. Not only is he dedicated to helping you release your traumas through energy work, he will assist you to continue in personal growth.

*Services provided by Dylan or Chase can be scheduled through Celestial Dawning, or directly through their Facebook links.