Aura Photography & Services


Certified Health Coach, Aura Photographer & Color Interpreter, Intuitive Reader, and Energy Healing Specialist

Rachel is an intuitive-empathic reader, which is where she reads and interprets the thoughts, emotions, and images that come to her mind as she is connecting with the individuals in which she is “reading” for.  Rachel also specializes in aura photography and interpreting the colors and patterns that appear in others’ aura pictures.  In addition, Rachel practices in chakra balancing/healing, aromatherapy to promote health, energy work such as Reiki, and other types of holistic services.  Rachel also makes her own aromatherapy spritzers, lotions, anointing oils and essential oil blends especially for the use in chakra balancing and promoting a relaxing and healing environment.  In addition to holistic healing approaches, Rachel is a certified health coach specializing in the areas of basic and holistic nutrition, exercise, and weight management.

Most services provided by Rachel are scheduled through Celestial Dawning, LLC.  However, Rachel can be directly reached for appointments by filling out a contact form by clicking on “Contact Rachel” link on her website.

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