About Us

77 N. Girls School Rd.  Suite #204 Indianapolis, Indiana 46231

Ph# 317-679-5225   email: info@celestialdawning.com

Celestial Dawning llc is a family owned and operated business who’s focus is to create a neutral and positive environment for bringing others together, no matter their beliefs.

Our business has gone through a transformation. We closed our original location in May 2016; however, it was not permanent. The transformation of Celestial Dawning was to no longer focus on retail, but rather to become an aura photography studio and a center for holistic “well-being.” Celestial Dawning focuses on dynamic phytotherapies, herbal therapies, aromatherapy, gemstone therapy, Workshops, Classes and energy work through Reiki.  Items carried pertain to the services that are offered.

The primary focus is the aura photography studio. An aura is the electromagnetic energy field that surrounds, encompasses, and permeates the body as well as all living things. The colors and patterns within the energy field makes up a blueprint of who we are as a living and energetic being.

For those who do not know what aura photography is, it is a visual image of how we are functioning energetically (emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, etc.). So in simpler terms, the aura is the “life force” that every living thing possesses and the photography part is the practice of capturing that energy on film through a biofeedback system. The biofeedback system provides feedback of energy displaying through various shades of colors – with each color representing a different meaning.

For more information on aura photography, look up Semyon Kirlian who developed Kirlian photography, which is the base of aura photography.

Aura photography to me is much more than just a novelty service that can be found at certain new age shops. In fact with my studies, I’m learning that my “gut feeling” is correct that the use of aura photography could someday be used as an additional diagnostic tool that could help physicians determine/locate areas of “sickness” in the human body. This technology will help providers gain deep insight into the internal state of their clients’ well-being. Using this cutting-edge technology will gain credibility and is sought after by many physicians, practitioners and clinics all over the world. With the new trends in holistic approaches, these systems offers diverse ways to treating health issues and validating finds. This equipment enables practitioners to store results and monitor the progress made by individual clients. Over time, a patient can see what blocked areas are clearing and how mental states, energy levels, and overall well-being is benefited.

Blessings to you all!,  Rachel