Training documentation, info & tools!

    Our goal of  MRIPA  is not only to progress the paranormal field.  But also to help and educate those with questions.  Whether it is a home owner with concerns, a newly created ghost hunting group, or even an experienced group with years of field work.  Our site has been created to assist in that very task.  With easy to navigate menus and info packed areas, we try to make an informative and helpful environment for all who visit here.  The purpose that was set forth when I started investigating was that,  we as a community can only progress, (IF) we all can work together and share what we have learned.  Some of the ways that MRIPA  has attempted this is through, a fully functional Website with Historical Archives & Data,  Detailed False Positives Area,  being Transparent in OperationsMentorship's & Apprenticeship'sTraining & Cross Training and also the sharing of Documentation Structures & Operation Procedures.  

 Below you will find some free templates for Documentation types relevant to the paranormal field that were created by MRIPA.  Due to the lack of actual types of Forms in this field.  We offer this freely just to help those groups who are looking to keep paper trails.  This Documentation is in MS Office formats for easy customization for your teams needs.  Adequate Documentation is very important to have, not only for the record keeping of data, but also for proof and permissions.  There are other types of documentation available upon request, they are not posted due to the complexity of designs.

 We also deal in different types of New & Used equipment, to help our fellow teams save some cash.  Sometimes teams split up, sometimes they upgrade.  I try to gather it all together, make sure it is in good condition and works well, then sell it at a fraction of cost of new.  However, with the fast changing amount of equipment on hand, we only offer some of the used items by request.  If you are looking for something specific, or want to see what we have in our NEW & USED Equipment online Store, or please send an email request or wish list to and they will be addressed on a first come basis.

 Another thing MRIPA  creates, is a free online paranormal magazine.  We have several issues free and downloadable at   This is the first feature Magazine of this type.  Literally making everyone the authors. MRIPA  proof reads, creates the design layouts and assembles the magazine free for everyone to view online or download via PDF.

 This magazine was created for the purpose of bringing the community together through the sharing of ideas and information.   The magazine is free and usually surprises people because of the intense design and time we put into it.   This magazine is "Written by Everyone, For Everyone"  as we get submissions from all paranormal fields, all over the world.   From UFO's, Bigfoot, Lost Civilizations, Ghosts, etc etc.  Anything that is submitted from the paranormal community.   We give everyone a chance to share their knowledge, with everyone else. 

If you have any questions, please email us at    Thank you from MRIPA

Documentation Files
The following files are in MS Office file types.   Right click to or click on to download the file. (save target as)   Then simply fill in the RED bolded areas with your information, or even customize it more!  These files were created by MRIPA and given freely to those who need them.
Application Form Microsoft Excel Format Application_request.xls
Investigation Request Consent Form Microsoft Excel Format Investigation_Consent.xls
Results Posting Consent Form Microsoft Excel Format Posting_Consent.xls
Client Referral Form Microsoft Excel Format Referral_Form.xls
Client Appreciation Letter Microsoft Word Format Appreciation_Letter.doc
Team Code of Conduct Microsoft Word Format Code_of_conduct.doc
Group Sponsor Form Microsoft Excel Format Sponsorship_Form.xls
 There are other types of documentation available upon request, they are not posted due to the complexity of designs.    Such as Manuals, Brochures, Pamphlets, Rotation Schedules etc etc.  If you are interested in making one of these for yourself, please email us at   and mention the type of form you are wanting to make.
  Audio Management Software
The following files are from Audacity.  The main software and extras are here for free download.   Right click to or click on to download the file. (save target as)   This software is free-ware and created by GNU and given freely to those who want a good audio software without all the heavy $$$
Audacity   ver 1.2.6 Windows Format  95/98/ME/XP audacity-win-1.2.6.exe
VST Bridge add ons Windows Format  95/98/ME/XP vst-bridge-1.1.exe
LADSPA Plugins Windows Format  95/98/ME/XP LADSPA_plugins-win-0.4.15.exe
(Expansions) lame-3.96.1 (in ZIP format) Windows Format  95/98/ME/XP