Who is MRIPA?

         Searching for Truth,     

                       To Help and Educate those in need.

A group of professionals whose free services and sincere dedication press forward to increasing the publicís knowledge on paranormal phenomena. By gathering data in order to allocate logical explanations for reported anomalous activities.    

MRIPA is NOT a ghost hunting group.   The MRIPA team researches all unexplained phenomena as well as train and educate those with questions or interests in the paranormal field.  The term "Paranormal" means,  "above the normal" and consists of many types of strange areas, from UFOlogy, Cryptozoology, Hauntings, Myths, Legends, Metaphysical, Lost Civilizations and much much more.

The origin of the MRIPA team was created in 1996 and fell under the umbrella name of  Xgen Paranormal.  Jason Baker, the founder and creator, decided to separate the team in 2006 from its Xgenco roots because the interest in paranormal research grew so large that it could no longer be contained under the Xgenco name alone. The team was then enhanced and given its own separate identity and became known as MRIPA (Midwestern Researchers and Investigators of Paranormal Activity).

 With dedicated and motivated team members who have strong desires to find answers and the truth to anything unexplainable.  MRIPA, a massive mobilization in full force, sets out to investigate any areas that are requested, submitted, and approved for investigation.

  Armed with experience, skepticism and a very large arsenal of high technical equipment, the MRIPA team sets out to try to invalidate, authenticate or find logical explanations for any reported incident of paranormal phenomena. With a fully functional historical archive, web-based investigation request forms, simple navigation options, and contact information, the MRIPA staff can be easily reached at any time 24 hours a day.
  Many residence owners as well as established businesses, such as the Historical Society, Elks Lodge and furniture stores have contacted MRIPA to schedule investigations in the past.  After completing an investigation, all data and information that has been obtained is reviewed, discussed with the specified parties, and what steps, if any, should be taken next. Results from an investigation, only with prior consent release, are then posted on the MRIPA website for the world to see.  

 The Midwestern Researchers and Investigators of Paranormal Activity is a non-profit group, and although based in Indianapolis, the team reaches out to other Midwestern states as well as some international locations whenever possible. The MRIPA team has joined forces with many of the growing population of paranormal investigators and teams in a combined effort to collect information on occurrences that cannot be indexed, categorized, or easily referenced. Together, MRIPA and other paranormal investigation teams work towards verifying the possibility of paranormal activity, but also at the same time trying to invalidate and disprove the unlikely or just plain ridiculous.

Some groups prefer going to cemeteries with flashlights looking for a quick scare.  MRIPA does not operate like that.  Colleges, business owners, Historical Societies and homeowners, looking to find facts on phenomena mostly contact us.  We are also contacted often to cross-train other groups and investigators on our equipment and methodology.

 Currently there are hundreds of "groups" within the Paranormal Community, however very few of them operate with the structures of MRIPA.  Some paranormal groups found tend to believe that everything is haunted and angle their groups to that aspect with the hopes that they will be validated and prove paranormal activity.  MRIPA uses the physical research, trade professions and technology to explore possibilities of the unknown, therefore always remaining open-minded for the truth rather then being sold on myth.

  We also stay in good contact with other groups Locally and Internationally for sharing knowledge and resources at our disposal.  This is what the Paranormal Community should always be about, sharing knowledge.  Getting all the different types of groups together to show the community what is available and where to go when they have questions.

  MRIPA has many internal functions and are ever expanding with new avenues to better support the public and other organizations with their questions.  It takes dedication to stay on top of this science as it progresses to ensure that we are on the front-line of research.   Timing is a relevant factor in everything.   We have a core team that function constantly 24/7 in support of operations, where others that offer abilities for research, which also fill in for use when more resources are needed for investigations. 

The criteria to be chosen for MRIPA team is very strict and quite possibly one of the strictest, as we only look for people who are comfortable with themselves, have a desire to learn and are open minded to the fantastic as well as grounded to logic.   Any interested applicant goes through a very lengthy interview process before being approved to come on board to begin their training term.


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MRIPA / Xgen Paranormal  Websource Presence Data History.

2006 - Current =  www.mripa.net     (MRIPA separation into new self sufficient dedicated webserver)
2002 - 2006 =  www.xgenco.com     (xgenco webserver - MRIPA  feature changing from "Xgen Paranormal")
1998 - 2002 =  www.xgeneration.8m.com    (research archive & data collection as "Xgen Paranormal")
1996 - 1998 =   www.xgeneration.iwarp.com     (research archive & data collection as "Xgen Paranormal")