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Audio Evidence & Captures

All audio segment evidence were released with consent and are the property of MRIPA llc

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It's very rare to capture quality audio evidence from the unknown. Below is a collection that we have gathered in some of our most recent investigations.  **Please note that we do NOT filter or alter our audio.  On rare occasion we might amplify, but we NEVER manipulate the captured audio files from its original recording.**


2009-8-8 -Beech Grove Residence - Investigation details [ More Here ]

There were an unprecedented 48 EVP's captured at this location. Below are the top 12.
That's Bullshit!!  *my favorite*     Voice says Dr. Hubert   Heavy sigh  
A voice says "I am Still Here"   a strange heavy breathy noooo.   An old man's voice loudly goes over our talking.  
A man's voice answers  "Right here in this chair"   A woman's voice softly sings  "Well that's... ok"   A man's voice softly answers  "Hello?"  
A woman's voice says  "you love me ok"   Faint voices and sounds of benches moving in an empty basement.   A strange young female voice seems to mock in a happy tone.  

2009-4-11 -Irvington Residence - Investigation details [ More Here ]

A voice overlaps ours about the crawlspace?   Some kind of static response after questioned about the batteries.   Daughter of the home-owner gets mocked after provoking.  
Some kind of static noise in an empty part of the home          

2008-9-13 -The Crump Theatre - Investigation details [ More Here ]

 After Serra speaks, and a faint voice says  "Serra"    Looking for light glare source, a faint voice says   "here"    voice says something about the light.  
 faint whistle during evp session    a faint "little girl" giggle during conversation.    faint voice says   "of course, but why?"  

2008-8-8 - Fishers Residence - Investigation details [ More Here ]

   a Little Girl's voice saying "Hi Ginger" to the owner's dog after it enters the room. (there is no-one in the home) watch the DVR footage details  

2008-5-17 - Okie Pinokie - Investigation details [ More Here ]

 A voice saying "help" by the river.       A whistle is returned, is it not an echo?      

2006-5-19 - Old Outfitters store - Investigation details [ More Here ]

elevator cable gears noise    (the cables are not attached)   sweeping noise   low bump during evp session  
something moving the recorder   something moving the recorder