MRIPA Acknowledgements & Media
Below are a few acknowledgements and media coverage given to the MRIPA team from our friends, peers and acquaintances.  We truly appreciate all of the kind words and the friendly people we have had the honor of working with over the years.   The groups and individuals below have earned our respect and friendship for their desire to look towards the paranormal in an informed and positive light.  Thank you all, with our most humble respects.

  August 4-7  2011


  added  June 4th  2011


Come see us at Gen Con Indy 2011 - August 4-7!

The documentary "Paranormal Investigators" has been selected for a special screener by the Film Board for GENCON.  And we have been invited as guest GM's to meet and great everybody.  See you there!

    We were pleased to have been able to help raise money for the Irving Theater Restoration Fund.  here for the larger ad.  

Released April  2011 Watch the full 7 part project at 



  added  July 11th  2010


  added  Jan. 26th / 28th 2010  


  added  April 8th  2010

  gizmo geeksTV

A heartfelt thank you to gizmogeeksTV who has made a session Q&A review with MRIPA. Check out this three-part series!

[ Check out part #1 ]
[ Check out part #2 ]
[ Check out part #3 ]
Many thanks to G42 Studios and Kevin  for the fun joint projects. double click video for larger view       Rachel & Jason were honored to be interviewed by Dick Wolfsie, from Channel 8 News about MRIPA operations & methodology. double click video for larger view

  added  Dec. 24th 2009

   added  Oct.27th 2009  

  added  Oct. 25th 2009 

gizmo geeksTV

A big thanks to who blessed us with a fantastic vlog about MRIPA.   We really appreciate the awesome and flattering review.   

 [ Check it out here! ]



    We were pleased to have been featured in the Oct, 27th 2009 Issue of the Current!   
[Carmel Current]   [Westfield Current]

History Channel's UFO Hunters episode "Dark Presence"  MRIPA was called in to help the UFO Hunters investigate claims of OBOL's.

double click video for larger view


 added  Oct. 1st  2009



We were very honored to have been the feature story in the Fall 2009 Issue of the Madison County Magazine [click to read]  

 Documentary Interview of  Jason, MRIPA Founder, by Gareth Rees & Evan Roberts.


MRIPA at the 2009 Anderson Midnight Parade

Plaque presented to MRIPA from the Indiana MUFON chapter at the UFO Symposium 2008, Commemorating our joint alliance.   1st place for Group Participation in the 2009, July 4th Anderson Midnight Parade.  

3rd Annual Indiana Para Meet-N-Greet picnic

1st place best of show 2008, July 4th Anderson Midnight Parade   Banner given to us after giving a presentation to the Local Homeplace Area Lions Club   Proud Member of the SETI @home project since 2000