Field Equipment Types

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EMF Meter -
Electromagnetic Field Meter
  822-A                      Trifield KII Gauss Master    
822-A  - the best digital EMF Meter!Trifield - The best in crystal design

K II - a totally different measure

Gauss Master - basic starter


EMF meters are used to locate and identify fluctuations in electromagnetic energy, free floating or attached to specific areas.  EMF meters can not only notify the user of a possible manifestation, but can be even more useful in finding real-life answers such as electrical disturbances from appliances or bad wiring that can cause those nervous feelings.


Extech 42500

Fluke 62

Extech 42500 - great unit for the price!   

Fluke 62 - very nice!

    Infrared Thermometers are a fantastic tool for isolating and validating temperature fluctuations or cold spots.  This is also a handy tool in finding drain pipes, water pipes or drafts from bad vents to window seals.  These handy thermometers are a must for scientific fact finding.

IR/NV-Cameras DVR
Infrared NightVision

180ft mega-cam 60ft Q-See 30ft Lorex  


180ft MEga NV cannon 60ft Qsee NV 40ft Lorex NV     Infrared Night Vision cameras designed for DVR's (digital video recorders) assist in collecting data by bulk recording multiple lines of video into one source. DVR's can be custom made or prefab and camera styles are at the users discretion. Each style and manufacturer offers different variations.

NV-Handheld Camera
NightVision Camera

Sony MiniDV w/NightShot 

Super8 NightShot

Sony MiniDV w/NightShot +

Sony MiniDV w/standard NightShot

    Digital Night Vision handheld mobile cameras are one of the best tools for any hunter.  The best way to capture audio & video anomalies and/or evidence on the go.  This can be one of the most effective ways of documenting any activity real-time in 1st person.  These can be found in many formats, such as MiniDV, HDD, Super8, HD and Mini-DVD
EVP-Digital Recorder
Digital Audio Recorder
RCA RP5022


RCA 5020


   Digital Audio Recorders are one of the most common tools used by all types of paranormal investigators from the newbies to the Pro's.  The recorders are used to capture EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomena) or referred as dis-embodied voices.  The best feature of digital recorders are the long record times 12-26hr vs 60min tapes.  Some newer DAC's have USB PC-links to upload the audio directly to a computer.
2-Way Radios
Digital Audio Recorder




    For safety and accountability, 2-way radios can be an indispensable necessity for a group to maintain control of the investigating teams in any location.  Not only for the ability to reach for assistance, but also to secure an area, 2-way radios are a great addition to your field kit.
Digital Camera
Digital still Camera
Sony CyberShot 



    Digital Cameras are a great way to snap massive amounts of still pictures during an investigation with the ability to instantly view the captures.  These can be found in many formats, camera styles are at the users discretion. Each style and manufacturer offers different variations an options including infrared.
Other Useful items        
Divining Rods Cable Reels

Geiger Counter


Divining Rods- Old world uses to detect magnetic fields
Cable Reels- Best way to keep your cables in order
Geiger Counter- Detects abnormal radiation and some types of  EMF fields