What is the Anomaly Response Network?

The Anomaly Response Network is comprised of MRIPA Family Investigators, other groups and Independent Investigators from all over the world.   This Global Coverage aides in gathering data in regards to sightings and strange phenomena. 


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The Anomaly Response Network is on call 24/7, and will be the first to respond to any situation that is considered to be a paranormal emergency with real time response.  Paranormal emergencies include but are not limited to strange phenomena currently happening, aggressive-physical situations, high profile cases, poltergeist-type activity, UFO sightings, unidentifiable animal/humanoid forms, and assistance to other individuals/groups that need experienced support. 

The massive support by MRIPA's personnel infrastructure gives us the ability to mobilize quickly and create a wide area communication net from around Indiana, as well as neighboring states.  Each member is field trained and relays data real-time to MRIPA home base command and senior staff. 


MRIPA’s Anomaly Response Team can be reached 24/7 by using the real-time phenomena reporting system, by calling the 317-366-5983 helpline or emailing to  ART@mripa.net


Report Phenomena

24hr Helpline#  (317) 366-5983