These are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.









Are you a ghost hunting group?

 Not at all.  MRIPA is a Paranormal Research organization.  Ghosts and Hauntings are just one small section of paranormal phenomena.  Paranormal means (Above the normal) or (Away from the normal)  which encompasses thousands of possibilities.  We operate on a much larger vision.

What does MRIPA research?

We research and investigate any strange phenomena.  UFOlogy, Cryptozoology, Hauntings, Myths, Legends, Metaphysical, Lost Civilizations, Strange lights and much much more.  Each member and associate of MRIPA brings their passion and experience to add to the mix, thus giving our network, and our clients the best possible single hub for information.

How common is paranormal activity?

 Not very common really.  Over 80% of claims of suspected activity or sightings can be logically proven as false phenomena by scientific analysis and thorough diligent research.  Itís possible, although rare to actually capture proof of paranormal or anomalous activity.

 Do you use psychics or sensitives in your investigations? 

No, we choose to use only scientific equipment designed to collect factual data.  Some groups like having sensitives in the group, however, MRIPA prefers to stay neutral in research and work off of collected data, as opposed to personal feelings.  If we have a medium assisting, they are in an independent consultant type position, therefore not given the perception that they must produce anything.   The attending medium is then followed with our equipment to compare any suspected activity for validation or dismissal. 

 Do you charge for your services?

No.  We never have charged for any services, training, assistance or consulting.  MRIPA investigates for the opportunity to research locations and for the benefit of the property owners. The main goal of gathering evidence is to validate or invalidate claims of paranormal activity and to answer questions that the community might have regarding paranormal phenomena.  We are trying to help those with questions, not abuse them.

 Do you provoke or use aggression? 

Never.  It is against our practice to use any form of negative stimulus during investigations.  If such activity would arise, the property owners would be the ones left to sort out the fall.  People do not like being harassed, so it would be safe to assume that anything paranormal would react likewise.

 Do you do Blessings or Exorcisms?

 No.  MRIPA is an observation and fact-finding organization.  We are not prepared, nor do we offer any denominational resolution to phenomena.  If data were to be collected validating claims, or adequate proof of paranormal activity, then MRIPA would report that data impartially and recommend possible courses of action.

 Do you allow the property owners to stay during the investigation?

 Yes!   We encourage the home or property owners to join in on an investigation.  We show them how to use the equipment and have them assist in the actual investigation. The owners know more about the location, therefore learning the equipment can only strengthen the fact finding.  Also, if some type of evidence is captured, the owner has a more familiar grasp on any event and methods used.

 Does paranormal activity always happen at night?

 Not always.  Anomalous paranormal activity can happen at any time.   We usually investigate at night, because the types of camera equipment that are used have been designed to function in zero light. This allows the Infrared cameras to capture any subtle changes or objects moving around.  Our physical eyes operate differently and we cannot see in certain color ranges.  Using Infrared lighting allows us to capture shadows and fluctuations that we would normally miss.

 What are you looking for?

 The truth.  To find answers and help anyone that seeks the same, the truth.