The Meaning of Colors:    What your Aura Says About You

written by Rachel (Weinrich) Baker for the 1st issue of The White Crow Magazine 

How can an Aura change over time? (examples at bottom of page)

 “The aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds the human body (Human Energy Field-HEF) and every organism and object in the Universe.” “A Chakra is one of the seven centers of spiritual energy in the human body.”

  Have you ever heard the saying, “A picture doesn’t lie?” Well it is the same when it comes to a person and the colors that are found in their aura. It can project (through colors) what a person is experiencing at that specific time or what is to occur in the future (sickness, dejection, love, fulfillment, etc.). According to Edgar Cayce, author of “Auras,” an aura is the weathervane of the soul, for “it shows which way the  winds of destiny are blowing.”

  A person’s aura tells a great deal about them and in fact auras have a spiritual
significance. Many people wonder where the colors come from and what makes them shift and change, and how they have any spiritual significance. Well, color seems to be a characteristic of the vibration of matter, and our souls seem to reflect it through atomic patterns such as a colorful, three-dimensional field that surrounds our bodies. However, just recently advances in science, medicine, and in psychology have been such that there is much more acceptance of the mindbody relationship in regards to disease and emotional and physical states of humans.

   However when we talk of auras we should also talk about the seven chakras for the chakras exist on all levels of the aura and serve as a link between the fields of the aura and the human body and also the different levels of the auric field itself. It is usually believed that the three lower chakras correlate to basic human needs such as  survival, will, and procreation. The four higher chakras are concerned with our psychological makeup which involves emotions such as love, communication, knowledge, and the connection with the spiritual realms.  Each of the seven chakras correlates with a different aura color. However, every individual interprets the  meaning of a “color” differently. For someone who has a particular color in their aura may interpret the color in one way but for the person who does not have that particular color in their aura may interpret it objectively (or differently).

   In this article we will only be focusing on the basic seven colors that correlate
with each of the seven chakras. For every color has a different hue and saturation
(i.e. Red; rose, pink, maroon, etc.) which can alter the meaning of the color.

1st Chakra (base of spine and the pubic bone)
Aura Color: RED
Color Meaning: Vitality, life force, assertion, forcible active urges, vengeful, virile, passion, drive, endurance, force of will, desire, physical activity, excitability, anger, sexuality.
Area of consciousness: emotional body
Lesson: to take full responsibility for everything that happens in our lives; RED opens the Root chakra to release a powerful current of energy that surges through the core of our being.

2nd Chakra (behind and just below the navel)
Aura Color: ORANGE
Color Meaning: creative and artistic, high aspiration, proud, self-sufficient, direct,
narrow minded, restrained, ambitious, confident, energetic, enthusiastic.

Area of consciousness: physical body
Lesson: to own our personal power; ORANGE opens the Sacral chakra and provides us with courage.
3rd Chakra (solar plexus, above navel)
Aura Color: YELLOW
Color Meaning: health and well-being, happiness, power of ideas, intellect
Area of consciousness: intellectual/mental body
Lesson: to create hope for all of humanity; YELLOW opens the Solar Plexus chakra and helps us to focus with intention until we find the most positive solution.

4th Chakra (“Heart Chakra”)
Aura Color: GREEN
Color Meaning: Harmony and balance. Signifies youth, life, renewal, hope and vigor,
wealth, prosperity, and accomplishments

Area of consciousness: astral body
Lesson: to take pleasure in life’s simple gifts; GREEN opens the Heart chakra and guides us to be giving.


5th Chakra (throat and neck)
Aura Color: BLUE
Color Meaning: intuition, sensitive, spiritual, clairvoyant, truthful, on the right path, loving, caring, peaceful.
Area of consciousness: etheric body
Lesson: BLUE opens the Throat chakra and teaches us to own our voice and to speak our truth with quiet integrity

6th Chakra (center of head; “Third Eye”)
Aura Color: INDIGO
Color Meaning: intuition, sensitive, spiritual, clairvoyant, truthful, on the right path, loving, caring, peaceful.
Area of consciousness: celestial body
Lesson: Provides us with a vision of our full potential as human beings. INDIGO opens the Third Eye chakra and helps us to “see” that peace on Earth is possible.

7th Chakra (crown, top of head)
Color Meaning: psychic powers, intuitive, visionary, futuristic, idealistic, artistic, magical
Area of consciousness: etheric body
Lesson: Inspires us to choose the path of love and light. VIOLET-WHITE opens the
Crown chakra and teaches us that we are humble servants of the infinite majesty of the




How an Aura can change over time.

Your Aura can change just as easily as the things going on in your life changes.  The Aura photo is just a snapshot in time.  All of the pictures below were taken at different times, with different Kirlian Photography Cameras.  It can be noticed, that even when using different cameras, a persons Aura maintains a specific color scheme.

Please click on thumbnail for a larger view of a selected picture.

  Sept  2012 Mar  2012 Dec  2011 May  2011 Jan  2011 October 2010 Sept 2010 Jan 2010
            May 2009 Jan 2009 Feb 2008
  Sept 2012 Mar  2012 Dec  2011 Feb 2011 Sept 2010 Jan 2010 May 2009 Jan 2009
                October 2007
Rachel & Jason Couple Photos:          
  Sept  2012 Dec  2011 June  2011 March 2010 Sept 2009 May 2009 Jan 2009 March 2008
Projects using multiple targets:   Amber:   Josh:  


  June  2011 June  2011     May 2011   May 2011  


  Megan & Rick:


  2006 2004     May 2011   Jan 2012  




  April 2011 2009     April 2011      


  June 2011 October 2010 August 2010          


  Mar 2012 2010 2009          




  Mar 2012 July 2011 Jan 2011 2010 2009      


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